We believe access to mental healthcare is a fundamental right and so we endeavor to break down financial barriers and improve access to mental health services for all.



Mental illness does not discriminate, neither do we. Our grant program and services are inclusive to all who need support for their mental health, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.


Living with mental illness is hard enough, so we customize care around each individual’s journey and streamline the funding, treatment placement and case management processes.


Not all providers are created equally. It cannot be stressed enough—connecting with quality care is critical to one’s mental health journey.


FundaMental Health is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to improve access to mental healthcare. We provide financial grants, case management, and referral services for individuals in need, with the belief that improving mental health will fundamentally improve the lives and communities around us. We’re starting local in our home community of Greater San Diego, with plans to expand our programs to Los Angeles and beyond as we grow.

A Message from our Founder,
Wyatt Hinshaw

Along my own journey with mental health, I learned firsthand how difficult it is to navigate our country’s fragmented mental healthcare system: from trying to connect with the right providers, to dealing with the domino effect of a misdiagnosis, to managing high out-of-pocket costs.

I was fortunate to have the financial resources and family support to access the mental health services I needed—but so many do not. The journey is much harder and the path forward much less clear for those without resources and support. It didn’t feel fair, and it certainly didn’t feel right. Something needs to change—which is why FundaMental Health was created, to break down the barriers to quality mental healthcare.

We’re starting with the #1 barrier to mental healthcare: Cost
Drawing on my professional background in entrepreneurship and venture capital, it became clear that a new funding approach could be taken here – a scholarship-like model that provided financial support to individuals who cannot afford care.

We’re bridging the access gap with a holistic and personalized approach
An accurate diagnosis is foundational to one’s mental health journey. Unfortunately, it took me a while to get an accurate diagnosis, which led to relying on services and working with providers that weren’t quite right for my mental health needs. From this struggle, I learned how personalized and individualized care needs to be. We’re passionate about building a network of providers and creating meaningful support services that ensure grant recipients get the right diagnosis and the right care.

Today San Diego, Tomorrow the World
We believe change starts with the individual—with the vision to help as many people as we can. Today we’re starting with our local community, but we believe our ideas have the power to improve mental health access globally. Join us as we lay the groundwork to a healthier, happier future for everyone.

Meet our Board

Jeffrey Dunham

Erin Randoll

Wyatt Hinshaw
Founder & CEO of Fundamental Health, Entrepreneur, Uncle

Ashley Powell