Our Programs

Our programs and services focus on making access to mental healthcare simple, affordable, and effective.

Our Programs

Our programs and services focus on making access to mental healthcare simple, affordable, and effective.

Financial aid for those in need of mental healthcare including therapy, treatment, and more.


Receive funding towards treatment

FundaMental Health’s primary program is focused on providing funds to those struggling with their mental health. With these funds, they may pay for necessary mental health services which they would otherwise be unable to afford or access.

Similar to a scholarship, individuals can apply for a grant to fund mental health treatments. We individualize grants based on financial need, diagnostic assessment, and expected duration of treatment, so we can ensure the best possible care for our grantees.

Help with therapy for individuals and families


Get support for navigating your mental health journey

Offered as a part of our grant program and as a standalone service, individuals can apply for support with diagnostic assessment, insurance navigation, and treatment placement.

Disgnostic Assessment

We will connect individuals with diagnostic specialists to provide a formal mental health diagnosis. FundaMental Health will cover the costs associated with these diagnostic services.

Insurance Navigation

For individuals with health insurance, we will help them fully understand their coverage and benefits including: in-network providers, covered services, and more.

Treatment Placement

We will connect individuals to providers within our Mental Health Provider Network, helping them access high-quality mental health services


Support applications are currently open to those living in the Greater San Diego Area, although we plan to expand services in the near future.

We will have no eligibility restrictions around age or level of employment, as we believe all people dealing with a mental health condition are deserving of proper care.

As a part of our application process, we ask candidates to complete a statement of financial need, including financial resources and considerations impacting your ability to access treatment. We do not currently have any income caps to apply, and assess each application on a case-by-case basis.

FundaMental Health grants go directly towards services and treatments from FundaMental Health’s network of providers. On a case-by-case basis we can also cover other out-of-pocket costs associated to treatment including deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions, short-term childcare and pet care, and travel to/from treatment.

Applications are submitted online or by phone, and will be reviewed by our staff, including the CEO and members of the Board of Directors, who will then decide which applicants will receive a mental health grant. We will also conduct an in-person or over-the-phone interview prior to awarding a grant. Our goal is to help as many people as we can, but based on limited resources, we cannot accept every application we receive.

We do our best to review and respond to applications within two weeks of submission. If accepted, a grant recipient may begin treatment as soon as they are connected to a provider within our network. This connection typically happens after a diagnostic assessment of the grant recipient.

In some cases, a grant recipient may already have a mental health provider they would like to work with. If so, the FundaMental Health team will conduct due diligence on the preferred provider to ensure they meet and adhere to our high standards of care.